Ashannas Princeof Peace

Beaubright Magic

Gr Ch Beaubright Sofia

Dalteema Diamond dan

Dalteema Star Saphire

Premier Lachmere Edwardo or "Dante"

Doubledelight Blue Angel

Doubledelight Braveheart

Kathy Instone's blue kitten

Kathy Instone's kitten

Lachmere Deja Vous

Lachmere Keiko

Gr Pr Lachmere Lalita



Lingcomb Endymion

Mentobe MamaMia

Charlie Raffles and Robred

Champion Lachmere Rogue Storme

Lingcomb Astrea

Syralette Blushing Bride

Tinkerbell, Bailey and Sapphire

Jake Worden

Tegan Worden